What is Practical Shooting?


Practical shooting is a dynamic shooting sport that requires a blend of accuracy, power, and speed of mvement and shooting. All 'stages' are shot to a timer that records the last shot. timing is to 100th of a second.


The disciplines includes multiple targets, moving targets, targets that react when hit, penalty targets, or even partially covered targets, obstacles, and movement. These all play a part in the challenging sport of practical shooting.


Rossendale specialises in all forms of practical shooting with IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) Shotgun being the most popular. 


Also known as Practical shotgun or PSG.


The appeal of the sport lies in the diversity of the courses of fire available to the shooter. Targets vary in size, shape, position and distance from 3 to 60 Meters .


There are three main disciplines shot by Rossendale Rapid Fire Practical Shooting Team, all are practical in nature but differ slightly in rules, governing bodies and equipment used.


National Rifle Association (NRA) Shotgun League, NRA Pistol League






RULES: (broadly IPSC, range specific)


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