Rossendale Rapid Fire Gear

What is the number one way of ensuring you shoot like a Pro?


Dress like a Pro..... Even if you can't hit anything, at least you'll look good.


Check out the Rossendale IRON MAN gear we have available in our online shop.


Please note, these are made to order by the manufacturer (shop is on their website)  and no profit is taken by Rossendale RF PSG Team or Rossendale Rifle & Pistol Club.


It's all about the love of the sport for us.


Rossendale 'Operator' Cap £10
Rossendale 'Man of IRON' Polo shirt £15
Rossendale 'Sheep of IRON' Fleece £20 (FYI Not made from sheep)
Rossendale 'I'm hard on the inside' Softshell £40
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